Using ATV Tire Chains

Using ATV Tire Chains

atv tire chains for snow plowing

ATV Tire Chains give you additional traction on snow, ice, and mud. They can make a huge difference when it comes to getting out on the ice for ice fishing, plowing your driveway, or riding offroad when traction is poor.

Tire chains can get you more places, give you traction and control, and help you stop quickly when needed. Here are a few tips for using ATV tire chains safely and effectively:

  • Install your Snow Chains for ATV Tires before you get stuck. It’s much easier than trying to install them afterwards.
  • Protect your hands with thick gloves when handling icy chains. Avoid touching the chains with your bare hands in extreme cold.
  • Tighten chains as much as possible by hand. After driving a short distance, retighten chains. Loose tire chains will greatly reduce the life of your chains.
  • Remove extra chain lengths, or tie them back securely to prevent them from tearing up your plastics.
  • Drive slowly and deliberately. Avoid spinning your tires or locking the brakes.
  • Scan the trail ahead for hidden obstacles under the snow.
  • Never drive faster than 30-35 mph (or max speed recommended by the manufacturer) with ATV chains installed.
  • Never drive with broken chains. They can tear up everything in your path, as well as damage your tires and bike.
  • Store the ATV chains properly to prevent them from getting rusted and tangled. Spray the chains with WD-40 after use, and hang them up or store them in the case.

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