How to Install UTV, ATV Tire Chains

How to Install UTV Tire Chains

See the instructions below to properly install Tire Chains on UTV.

1. Lay the chains out flat on the ground and remove all tangles. When the chains are placed on the tires, the V-bars should face out and the cross chain hook eyes must face up. Damage to your tires could result if the V-bar or hooks face against the tires.

How to Install UTV Tire Chains: Step 1

2. Lay the UTV Tire Chains over the tire, making sure that the cross chain hook eyes are facing up and the fastener is on the outside of the tire. Tuck the first cross chain (side chain ends without fasteners) under the tire.

How to Install UTV Tire Chains: Step 2

3. Move the UTV until the fastener is axle high.

How to Install UTV Tire Chains: Step 3

4. Fasten the INSIDE hook to the corresponding link of the INNER side that will allow the cross chain to lie straight across the tire tread.

How to Install UTV Tire Chains: Step 4

5. Remove slack and hook the outside fastener. Make the chain as tight as possible by hand without the use of tools. This will significantly prolong the chain life. Drive approximately 1/4 mile, stop, and retighten the chains.

How to Install UTV Tire Chains: Step 5

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