Author - Mattew Brodie

Mattew BrodieHi there! This blog was created to share my off-roading, gear-related knowledge with those interested in the field. I’ve worked as mechanic for years and have been a devoted off-roader for as long. Now, I’ve decided to combine the two and share my experience with passionate audience. I do not claim to know it all – but when something new hits the surface, I will be on it to research its ups and downs. Call me an off-roading nerd if you like, and as long as you can find something useful in here – you are heartedly welcome!


How to Clean an UTV Cover

In order for your UTV cover or ATV cover to provide the best protection, it needs to be cleaned every so often. When you clean your UTV Cab Cover, however, you...


Using ATV Tire Chains

ATV Tire Chains give you additional traction on snow, ice, and mud. They can make a huge difference when it comes to getting out on the ice for ice fishing...


Best Jeep Rentals in Hawaii

With the popularity of the Jeep on the rise, it’s no wonder that jeep rentals are on the rise as well. It wasn’t all that long ago that it was next to...

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