Pick the Best Tire Chains for UTV and ATV

best tire chains for UTV ATV

Whether you are a weekend warrior searching for adventure or you use ATVs for work, nothing is more annoying than getting into slippery conditions you can’t get out of and not having the right equipment at hand. The Best Tire Chains for UTV and ATV can help you go further to reach destinations that seemed impossible before. There’s no point in waiting for someone to come along and tow you out of a ditch because you slipped on ice.

The Best UTV/ATV Tire Chains for Snow

Product Short Description

SCC V-Bar ATV Tire Chains

Security Chain Company ATV Trac V-Bar Tire Traction Chain

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  • Crosslinks Type: V-bar
  • Chain Pattern:4/2 Links
  • Style: Ladder
  • Crossbar Link Thiknes: 0.238″(6mm)
Fits Tire Sizes
  • 21X9x10
  • 21X10x12
  • 22x9x10
  • 22x8x10
  • 22X8x12
  • 22X9x8
  • 22x9x12
  • 22x10x8
  • 22x10x9
  • 22x10x10
  • 23X7x10
  • 23x8x10
  • 23x8x11
  • 23×8.50×12
  • 23x10x10

The ROP Shop Snow Chains for UTV, ATV

The ROP Shop Snow Chains for UTV, ATV

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  • Crosslinks Type: Studlees
  • Chain Pattern: 2 Links
  • Style: Ladder
  • Crossbar Link Thiknes: 0.238″(6mm)
Fits Tire Sizes
  • 24x13x12
  • 26x10x12
  • 26x11x12
  • 25x12x12

Kimpex USA UTV/ATV Tire Chains

Kimpex USA Diamond V-Bar Tire Chains for utv and atv

Fits Tire Sizes

UTV, ATV Tire Chains for Ice Fishing

TireChain UTV, ATV Tire Chains

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  • Crosslinks Type: V Bars
  • Chain Pattern: 2 Links
  • Style: Ladder
  • Crossbar Link Thiknes: .234 inch (15/64)
Fits Tire Sizes
  • 25 X 10 X 12
  • 25 X 8 X 12
  • 25 X 11 X 12
  • 26 X 9 X 12
  • 26 X 10 X 12

Grizzlar Tire Chains For Polaris ATV, UTV

tire chains for polaris, honda atv

Fits Tire Sizes
  • 280/65-10
  • 26×9-12
  • 26×9-14
  • 26×9-15
  • 26×10-12
  • 26×10-14
  • 26×10.50-12
  • 26×12-10
  • 26×12-12
  • 27×9-12
  • 27×9-14
  • 27×10-12
  • 27×11-14
  • 28×10-12

ATV, UTV Studded Tire Chains

ATV, UTV Studded Tire Chains

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  • Crosslinks Type: V Bar
  • Chain Pattern: 4 Links
  • Style: Diamond
  • Crossbar Link Thiknes: .234 inch (15/64)
Fits Tire Sizes
  • 24×11-8
  • 25×11-8
  • 24×11-9
  • 24×13-9
  • 25×12-9
  • 25×13-9
  • 24×11-10
  • 24×11.5-10
  • 25×10-10
  • 25×11-10
  • 25×12-10
  • 25×10-12
  • 26×8-12
  • 26×9-2,
  • 26×9.5-12
  • 270/60-12
  • 26×8-14
  • 26×9-14

Save Yourself the Embarrassment Being Stuck in Snow with New UTV, ATV Tire Chains

ATV chains provide traction on ice, snow, mud, and other surfaces. By using tire chains, you will slip less often and be able to drive along terrain that you can’t drive on with rubber tires alone. They are inexpensive and easy to use on any make or model ATV. Make sure you buy the right size for your machine because the wrong size will either slip off or will not go over the tire completely.

If you use your ATV or UTV for work, you must own a set of tire chains because a day spent trying to get your ATV cleared from an accident is a day spent away from work and not earning any income.

ATVs are fun and useful machines when used for either recreation or business. It is simply smart to carry a set of tire chains in case of an emergency. If you spend a lot of time on your ATV, a set of tire chains is definitely worth the modest investment.

Get the most out of your ATV by being able to travel all over while at the same time staying safe and free from accidents.

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Tire Chains for UTV/ATV

Tire chains are essential accessories for UTVs and ATVs, especially in challenging weather and off-road conditions. They provide increased traction, control, and safety when navigating through snow, mud, or uneven terrains. However, with various options available, selecting the right tire chains for your UTV/ATV can be overwhelming. To help you make an informed decision, here is a comprehensive buyer’s guide:


Ensure that the tire chains you choose are compatible with the tire size and type on your UTV/ATV. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations or consult the vehicle’s manual for the correct tire chain specifications.

Chain Type

There are primarily two types of tire chains available for UTVs and ATVs:

V-Bar Chains: These chains feature hardened steel V-bars welded to the chain links, providing excellent traction on icy or hard-packed surfaces. V-bar chains are ideal for extreme winter conditions.

Twist Link Chains: Twist link chains are designed with twisted ladder-style cross chains, providing increased traction on snowy or muddy terrains. They are suitable for moderate winter conditions and off-road applications.

Consider the typical conditions in which you will be using your UTV to determine the most suitable chain type for your needs.

Chain Construction

Pay attention to the quality and construction of the tire chains. Look for durable materials like hardened steel or alloy chains that offer strength and longevity. Reinforced cross chains and sturdy connections between links ensure better performance and reliability.

Ease of Installation

Choose tire chains that are easy to install and remove, as you may need to put them on or take them off frequently. Quick-release systems or self-tightening chains can save you time and effort during installation.

Chain Tensioning

Adequate tension is crucial for optimal performance and safety. Look for tire chains that provide efficient tensioning mechanisms, such as adjustable rubber tensioners or built-in tensioning devices. These features help keep the chains securely in place and prevent excessive slack.

Clearance and Fitment

Check the clearance between your UTV or ATV’s tire and fenders to ensure that the tire chains will fit properly without causing any interference or damage. Consider tire chains with low-profile links or specially designed chains for vehicles with limited clearance.

Durability and Maintenance

Opt for tire chains that are resistant to rust, corrosion, and wear. Some chains feature coatings or finishes that enhance durability and make maintenance easier. Regularly clean and inspect your tire chains to ensure they remain in good condition over time.

Brand and Reviews

Research reputable brands that specialize in UTV/ATV tire chains. Read customer reviews and ratings to gain insights into the performance, durability, and user experience of different tire chain models. Reliable brands typically provide quality products and excellent customer support.

Legal Considerations

Check the local regulations and laws regarding the use of tire chains on UTVs or ATVs in your area. Ensure that the chains you choose comply with any specific requirements or restrictions.

Price and Value

Consider your budget but remember that quality and performance should be prioritized over cost alone. Look for tire chains that offer the best value for your investment, combining durability, functionality, and reliability.


What’s the difference between 2 and 4 link chain spacing?

With two link spacing, there is a cross-chain on every other side-chain link. With four-link spacing, there is a cross-chain on every fourth side-chain link. Two-link spacing offers more aggressive offroad traction and a smoother ride since there is more chain on the face of the tire. Four-link spacing is cheaper and provides good traction for most applications.

Why V-bar UTV chains?

V-bar tire chains provide superior traction on hills, ice, and hard-packed snow. The sharp points in the V-bar dig into the ice, snow, mud, and gravel. V-bar chains are not recommended for use on soft driveway surfaces, as they can mark up the driveway.

What do I do with the extra chain links?

Since ATV chains are designed to fit a range of tire sizes, you may end up with extra links. You can either cut off the extra chain links or tie them back. We recommend securing the extra chain links if you need more chain length in the future (new tires, different ATV, etc.). You can use wire ties or zip ties to secure the extra chain links.

How do I know if I have enough clearance?

ATV chains should fit well on most stock vehicles. Check with the manufacturer to make sure your ATV has enough clearance around the struts, control arms, and steering rods. If you swap out your stock tires for bigger tires, ensure the ATV chains have enough clearance before using them on your ATV.

How do I tighten ATV chains?

Tighten the chains as much as possible by hand. After driving on the chains for a short while, stop and retighten the chains. Keeping the chains tight makes the chains last longer. You can use a chain tensioner or adjuster to tighter the chains and keep them securely in place.

The End Line

By considering these factors, you can choose the best tire chains for your UTV/ATV that will enhance traction, control, and safety in various conditions. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation, usage, and maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your tire chains.

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