The Best Tire Chains for UTV and ATV Review

best tire chains for UTV ATV

Whether you are a weekend warrior searching for adventure or you use ATV’s for work, nothing is more annoying than getting into slippery conditions you can’t get out of and not having the right equipment on hand.

Tire chains for your UTV or ATV can help you go further to reach destinations that seemed impossible before. There’s no point in waiting for someone to come along and tow you out of a ditch because you slipped on ice.

Best UTV and ATV Tire Chains for Snow

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Kimpex USA UTV/ATV Tire Chains

Kimpex USA Diamond V-Bar Tire Chains for utv and atv

UTV, ATV Tire Chains for Ice Fishing

TireChain UTV, ATV Tire Chains

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  • Crossinks Type: V Bars
  • Chain Pattern: 2 Links
  • Style: Ladder
  • Crossbar Link Thiknes: .234 inch (15/64)
  • Fits Tire Sizes
    • 25 X 10 X 12,
    • 25 X 8 X 12,
    • 25 X 11 X 12,
    • 26 X 9 X 12,
    • 26 X 10 X 12

Grizzlar Tire Chains For Polaris ATV, UTV

tire chains for polaris, honda atv

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  • Crossinks Type: Stugged Links
  • Style: Diamond
  • Chain Pattern: 4 Links
  • Fits Tire Sizes
    • 280/65-10,
    • 26×9-12,
    • 26×9-14,
    • 26×9-15,
    • 26×10-12,
    • 26×10-14,
    • 26×10.50-12,
    • 26×12-10,
    • 26×12-12,
    • 27×9-12,
    • 27×9-14,
    • 27×10-12,
    • 27×11-14,
    • 28×10-12

The ROP Shop Snow Chains for UTV, ATV

The ROP Shop Snow Chains for UTV, ATV

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  • Crossinks Type: Studlees
  • Chain Pattern: 2 Links
  • Style: Ladder
  • Crossbar Link Thiknes: 0.238″(6mm)
  • Fits Tire Sizes
    • 24x13x12,
    • 26x10x12,
    • 26x11x12,
    • 25x12x12

ATV, UTV Studded Tire Chains

ATV, UTV Studded Tire Chains

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  • Crossinks Type: V Bar
  • Chain Pattern: 4 Links
  • Style: Diamond
  • Crossbar Link Thiknes: .234 inch (15/64)
  • Fits Tire Sizes
    • 24×11-8,
    • 25×11-8,
    • 24×11-9,
    • 24×13-9,
    • 25×12-9,
    • 25×13-9,
    • 24×11-10,
    • 24×11.5-10,
    • 25×10-10,
    • 25×11-10,
    • 25×12-10,
    • 25×10-12,
    • 26×8-12,
    • 26×9-2,
    • 26×9.5-12,
    • 270/60-12,
    • 26×8-14,
    • 26×9-14

Save Yourself the Embarrassment Being Stuck in Snow with New UTV, ATV Tire Chains

ATV chains provide traction on ice, snow, mud, and other surfaces. By using tire chains you will slip less often and be able to drive along terrain that you can’t drive on with rubber tires alone. They are inexpensive and easy to use on any make or model ATV. Make sure you buy the right size for your machine because the wrong size will either slip off or will not go over the tire completely.

If you use your ATV or UTV for work, it is crucial that you own a set of tire chains because a day spent trying to get your ATV cleared from an accident is a day spent away from work and not earning any income.

ATV’s are fun and useful machines when used for either recreation or business. It is simply smart to carry a set of tire chains in case of an emergency. If you spend a lot of time on your ATV, a set of tire chains are definitely worth the modest investment.

Get the most out of your ATV by being able to travel all over while at the same time staying safe and free from accidents.

ATV, UTV Tire Chain FAQs

What’s the difference between 2 and 4 link chain spacing?

With 2 link spacing, there is a cross chain on every other side-chain link. With 4 link spacing, there is a cross chain on every fourth side-chain link. Two-link spacing offers more aggressive offroad traction and a smoother ride, since there is more chain on the face of the tire. Four-link spacing is cheaper and provides good traction for most applications.

Why V-bar UTV chains?

V-bar tire chains provide superior traction on hills, ice, and hard-packed snow. The sharp points in the V-bar dig in to the ice, snow, mud, and gravel. V-bar chains are not recommended for use on soft driveway surfaces, as they can mark up the driveway.

What do I do with the extra chain links?

Since ATV chains are designed to fit a range of tire sizes, you may end up with extra links. You can either cut off the extra chain links or tie them back. We recommend securing the extra chain links, in case you need more chain length in the future (new tires, different ATV, etc.). You can use wire ties or zip ties to secure the extra chain links.

How do I know if I have enough clearance?

ATV chains should fit well on most stock vehicles. Check with the manufacturer to make sure your ATV has enough clearance around the struts, control arms, and steering rods. If you swap out your stock tires for bigger tires, make sure the ATV chains have enough clearance before using them on your ATV.

How do I tighten ATV chains?

Tighten the chains as much as possible by hand. After driving on the chains for a short while, stop and retighten the chains. Keeping the chains tight makes the chains last longer. You can use a chain tensioner or adjuster to make the chains tighter and keep them securely in place.

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