Quick Checklist Of Jeep Essentials

Quick Checklist Of Off-Road Essentials

As much fun as off-roading can be, it can soon turn into a nightmare without some basic Jeep essentials. Here is a quick checklist of essentials for your Jeep every serious off-roader must invest in.

Hi-Lift Jack

hi-lift jack

An extremely useful recovery tool. This comes in handy when the Jeep is unable to move under its own steam for whatever reasons. Using the hi-lift jack, you can move your rig up, down, laterally, forward, and back. A great tool for changing a flat, getting out of muddy spots, and toppling the rig off boulders. It even doubles as an inexpensive Offroad Winch for Jeep or Truck.

Fire Extinguisher

Anything is possible when off-roading and unless you fancy seeing your rig go up in smoke, install a fire extinguisher immediately. Look for fire extinguishers with built-in pressure gauges.

Flash Light


Have you ever tried changing a flat in the pitch-black darkness that comes with the night in the wilderness? Absolutely indispensable. Carry extra batteries as well.

CB Radio

CB Radio

Look for a nice compact radio with basic features that can be easily mounted on your rig. You could get one with fancy bells and whistles, but those don’t necessarily work better.

Drinking Water

Do we need to explain this? Just make sure you have plenty of drinking water to last you the length of your trip. Also, if the trip is going to be extra long, carry some water purifying tablets along for emergencies.


Extremely handy when the winch gives way.

Duct Tape

A great fix-all for leaky cables, loose pipes, and a radiator hose that refuses to stop leaking.

First Aid Kit

firs aid kit

An absolute must-have on every single road trip you take.

Tow Strap

tow strasp

Of all the jeep essentials, this one is probably used the most. This is the only way you will be able to release a rig that is stuck in the snow or mud. It is also a useful tool when going on a Jeep jamboree to help fellow jeepers if they get stuck.

Essential Fluids

Essenntial Liquids

Oil, coolant, and transmission fluid are the very basic three. Carry along a funnel that will allow you to pour the fluid down easily.


check your spare tire

This is one of the off-road essentials you don’t want to be without. Check and see that your spare is in top shape. If you’ve recently had a flat, ensure that the punctures have been fixed. Suppose you haven’t used your spare in a long while, then check to ensure that it is not low on air.

Fan Belts

fan belt

A broken fan belt can be easily fixed if you are carrying a spare. Else the situation can escalate into serious problems.

Universal Joints

ball joints U-joints

Make sure your extra universal joints match the style steering column your rig has.

Jumper Cables

jumper cables

These are jeep essentials that can really help when off-roading. It is extremely inconvenient for serious jeepers to be stuck because someone’s rig has broken down. Jumper cables are the fastest way to revive your battery – or maybe someone else’s!

Small Tool Kits

repair tool kit

The tool kit should include basic tools like a screwdriver, wrench, and some electrical tape. A loose wire or battery cable can be easily fixed.

Repair A Flat

flat tire repair kit

A great way to fix minor punctures and prevent major flats. You feed one plug through the hole, and it immediately seals the puncture.

Besides the above off-road Jeep essentials, you may also want to add a warm blanket, an extra pair of gloves, a few rags, and a pair of walking shoes. Another thing to carry is your cell phone. While you may not always have connectivity, it is almost guaranteed to cut short your walk out of the boondocks.

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