Must-have Accessories Every Jeeper Should Consider

Must-have Accessories Every Jeeper Should Consider

Most Jeepers look forward to adding Jeep accessories to their rig. The urge to add a personal touch and one’s own style and personality to the Jeep is irresistible.

It doesn’t matter whether you own a Wrangler, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee or Liberty. It doesn’t matter how equipped your rig is and what modification you have already made to it. The urge is undeniable and must be quenched every now and then. Here are some of the most popular accessories for the different models.

Tire Covers

jeep tire covers

These are a must to protect the spare from the harsh natural elements. Tire covers are available in many colors and come in different materials as well. You can even buy customized tire covers now. Check out my the Best Jeep Spare Tire Covers article to pick one.

Headlight Guards

jeep headlight guards

A purely practical buy to protect your expensive, new, and just installed the Best Halo Headlights for Jeep Wrangler from damage by rocks, debris and branches on trail runs.

Paint Protectors

jeep paint guards

These accessories are a good buy for jeepers who are considering selling their rig. A shabby appearance is not likely to fetch a great price.

Dash Covers

jeep dash covers

These accessories are great to spruce up your interiors. They also work well if you want to hide the wear and tear from over exposure to the sun.

Gauge Overlays

jeep gauge overlay

If you do a lot of driving at night then these accessories are perfect for your Cherokee. You can get fluorescent overlays that light up at night. Not only do they look great, but also make it considerably easier to see the meters in the dark. Also, the neon light helps keep you awake on long drives.

Storage units and space dividers

jeep storage box

These are great to divvy up the space in the trunk so that you can store supplies without them knocking each other over. It also prevents a lone bottle or jar from rolling in the back of the rig.

Floor Mats

jeep floor mats

Calling these ‘Jeep accessories’ almost seems incorrect! Floor mats have become practically a necessity especially if you want to keep the carpet clean. There’s no other way out.

Seat Covers

jeep Seat covers

These accessories are almost as necessary as the floor mats. You get different types of seat covers and neoprene seat covers are becoming especially popular. I have prepared for you two options: the Best Seat Covers for Jeep Gladiator review and the Best Jeep Wrangler JL Seat Covers recommendations.

Side Steps

jeep gladiator running boards

A particularly handy set of accessories for shorter Jeepers – women mostly. You no longer need to hike into the rig and leap out of it. For happy Gladiators owners I have just reviewed the Best Running Boards for Jeep Gladiator.

Bestop Soundbars

Bestop soundbar for jeep

For a fantastically soothing audio experience these are great. You can position the speakers directly behind your head and relax with the beat.


Jeep windjummers

These Jeep accessories are great for Jeepers driving in areas prone to dust storms. They help keep out the dust, rain and wind from entering the rig.

Rock Rails

Rock rails provide the extra protection needed especially when going off road.

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