5 Best Spare Tire Trash Bag for Jeep Camping and Overlanding

best spare tire trash bag

Every Jeep lover is familiar with the old adage, “Pack it in, pack it out.” No doubt if you wheel in the backcountry, you have a healthy respect for nature. No one wants to travel miles off the beaten path just to find plastic bottles and fast-food wrappers littering the view. So. this is the number one reason to pick the Best Spare Tire Trash Bag for your Jeep.

The Best Spare Tire Trash Bag

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ALL-TOP Overland Spare Tire Trash Bag

ALL-TOP Overland Series Spare Tire Trash Bag

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  • Best Features:
    • 2-Year Warranty
    • Perfect for inserting 30-Gallon Trash bag
    • Drainage holes at bottom
  • Capacity: 60lbs / 25 gallon
  • Water-resistant: ✔️
  • Material: 1680 Denier Durable Canvas
  • Fit Tires: up to 40″

Trasharoo Spare Tire Trash Bag

Trasharoo Spare Tire Trash Bag

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  • Best Features:
    • Heavy duty materials
    • Standard 1 year warranty
    • Carries up to 50lbs of weight
  • Capacity: 50lbs / 30 gallon
  • Water-resistant: ✔️
  • Material: 900 Denier Canvas
  • Fit Tires: 29″- 40″

Spare Tire Trash and Gear Bag

Spare Tire Trash and Gear Bag

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  • Best Features:
    • Seat straps for inside mount
    • Three pockets
    • Multi-fuction – spare tire, backpack, seat organizer
  • Capacity: 35lbs / 15 gallon
  • Water-resistant: ✔️
  • Material: UV-Treated 900D Polyester
  • Fit Tires: 29″- 37″

JoyTutus Spare Tire Trash Bag

JoyTutus Spare Tire Trash Bag

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  • Best Features:
    • Wear-resistant
    • Internal compartment pocket
  • Capacity: 66lbs / 17 gallon
  • Water-resistant: ✔️
  • Material: Heavy-duty thick polyester
  • Fit Tires: 30″- 40″

RT-TCZ Spare Tire Trail Storage Bag

RT-TCZ Spare Tire Storage Bag

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  • Best Features:
    • Best budget option for the money
    • 5-min install
    • 30 days free of charge returned &365 days replacement
  • Capacity: 50lbs / 30 gallon
  • Water-resistant: n/a
  • Material: High-Quality Oxford Cloth
  • Fit Tires: 30″- 35″

poueae Spare Tire Organizer

Bestop spare tire organizer

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  • Best Features:
    • Spacious design
    • UV-resistant material
    • Marine-grade threads
  • Water-resistant: yes
  • Material:
    mildew- and UV-resistant Soft Top fabric
  • Fit Tires:
    Size 29-35″

Best Spare Tire Trash Bag Reviews

ALL-TOP Overland Spare Tire Trash Bag

ALL-TOP Overland Series Spare Tire Trash Bag

If you are a dedicated Jeep owner, you know that there is no such thing as too much spare room when you are on a journey. Thus, a spare tire bag is a true lifesaver at times. While the accessory doesn’t cost a lot, the functions along with the room it offers can be underestimated. ALL-Top is a serious off-roading brand, and the spare tire bag on offer deserves particular attention.

The quality bag presented by the manufacturer can be defined as a universal-fit, so that anyone can easily suit it to their vehicle. Moreover, the material that the item is made is water-resistant and durable. Besides, the bag features drainage holes to ensure that the moisture doesn’t build up no matter the weather conditions.

To ensure that you are safe on the road, the spare tire bag is spiced with reflective stripes and Anti-UV buckles. So, no matter if it is an emergency situation or an off-roading trip, you can have a lot of room to place all your tools and toys in.

  • Durable and strong material
  • Spacious spare tire bag
  • Excellent quality for the price
  • Neon reflective stripes
  • Secure and UV-resistant buckles
  • Multiple colors on offer
  • The bag may fade over time


If you are interested in a great quality that comes at a fair price, the All-top spare tire bag deserves all the attention it gets!

Trasharoo Spare Tire Trash Bag

Trasharoo Spare Tire Trash Bag

No matter how beefy is the ride that you own, some extra storage is rarely a waste. That is where the spare tire trash bag comes in more than useful. Whether it’s a weekend in the wild or a hiking trip, there’s a fair share of trash to accumulate over the days, and you need to bring it into the civilization to dispose of it. Trasharoo bag will help you deal with the task effectively. It’s designed to carry up to 50 pounds of weight. So, it’s obvious that the material it’s made is durable enough to withstand the load.

The bag is well-thought so that you can easily attach and dismount it at any time you need. The simple design makes it seem like it’s a genuine part of your vehicle. The bag is water-resistant, but there are drainage holes added to the design, just in case. The secure design will keep the bag securely attached to the vehicle no matter the riding conditions.

  • Water-resistant coating
  • Drainage holes
  • Fair price for the quality
  • Secure bag attachment
  • Buckles prone to damage


One of the most affordable additions to your ride’s comfort is a trash bag with a considerable load capacity. Trasharoo is a worthy option to consider.

Spare Tire Trash and Gear Bag

Spare Tire Trash and Gear Bag

Planning an adventure is a responsible task, even if you are traveling alone. You may need so many things on the road, and it seems that there is not enough space to store it all. Even if your budget is limited to a minimum, you can improve the situation with as much as a quality spare tire trash and gear bag that Offroading Gear offers.

The bag can contain up to 15 gallons of cargo. It’s a universal fit for any vehicle or spare tire size. There is a steel D-ring added to the design so that the bag can be hanged almost anywhere. The bag is divided into three sections, presented as pockets for improved storage. You can use the accessory as a regular backpack too.

  • Durable material
  • Reliable design
  • Customizable bag purpose
  • Pleasant price
  • Floppy buckles


Don’t want to blow a hole in your pocket when shopping for a quality storage bag? Pay attention to what Off-roading Gear has on offer. The service for the price exceeds all expectations.

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T-TCZ Spare Tire Trail Storage Bag

RT-TCZ Spare Tire Storage Bag

Looking for a reliable spare tire storage bag that you can rely on when cruising around in your Jeep? I may have just an idea in mind. Don’t worry – you won’t need to spend a fortune on a vehicle-specific accessory like this since the price is a lot lower than average.

T-TCZ trail bag is made of high-quality Oxford cloth. The load it can transport easily is up to 50 pounds, which is certainly an excellent addition to all the items you take. It takes as much to buckle the bag up, and you’ll have yourself a trustworthy companion for all the upcoming adventures.

  • Designed for Jeep
  • Heavy-duty Oxford cloth
  • 50-pound load capacity
  • User-oriented installation
  • Buckles may need replacing


Hail, Jeepers! Finally, an accessory that will not cost a fortune but will come in handy no matter the route you take!

poueae Spare Tire Organizer

Bestop spare tire organizer

Not every spare tire storage bag can be something else. If you are interested in a storage bag that can multi-function, then Bestop has you covered. The brand’s bag can serve as a spare tire bag, seatback organizer, underseat organizer and tailgate organizer. The design is developed to suit Jeep Wrangler’s needs for the most part. So, it’s insanely durable and spacious. The number of pockets allows it to store every item category separately.

The bag can be securely buckled to the spare tire and deal with the harshest road conditions possible without losing its secure grip.

The material the bag is made of is UV-resistant so that it won’t lose its appeal after hours in the sun. Besides, it’s mildew-resistant. Packed with all the perks, the item is super easy to install.

  • Spacious design
  • UV-resistant material
  • Marine-grade threads
  • Swift and effortless installtion
  • Multi-functional application
  • Pricier than most


If you seek a lifetime spare tire bag, poueae has your bag. It may cost you a little extra, but the investment will pay off in no time.

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A Jeep trash bag makes it easier to find space for your trash without cluttering up the inside of your Jeep. Just strap it to your spare tire or tailgate, line it with a 30-gallon trash bag, and you’re ready to go.

The trail bags attaches to the spare tire, tailgate, or vehicle rack. It’s made from heavy-duty denier poly with PVC backing that’s tough enough to hold up under rugged conditions. Nylon security straps and click-fit buckles hold the bag in place, and a lockable strap with grommet allows you to secure the bag to your vehicle with a cable lock.

No matter how spacious your vehicle can be, there are cases when you wish there were additional trash space for you to use. When you are out on a hiking trip or somewhere stuck in the mud, you would want to keep the trash outside the vehicle, along with other dirty gear and belongings. That is where a spare tire trash bag comes of tremendous use. Yet, the variety of those is growing by the day, and it takes a little time and effort to pick the fittest. You should keep in mind that the price isn’t the only major point to review when shopping for a handy accessory. There are other crucial factors to brood upon, and I will point them all out in great detail so that the matter becomes as clear as possible.

What to consider when shopping for the best spare tire trash bag?


One of the most significant points that many drivers leave out is the fact that the accessory will be hanging outside the vehicle. Thus, all the terrains you explore and the conditions you battle through will directly affect the state of the bag. So, the stringer the material it is made of is – the longer it will serve you. There are a few major material types that these accessories come in. They are the following:

Canvas fabric – this is a type of cotton material spiced up with plastic fibers. At times, the linen is coated with plastic to improve its water-resistance rates.

Oxford fabric – another quite common material that you will come across would be the oxford fabric. It is known to be breathable and quite elastic due to the plastic fiber interwoven in it.

Polyester – if you are driving around in melting heat, then a polyester bag is the best you can hope for. When all other materials fail – the polyester will remain almost untouched!


spare tire storage bag sizes

Things could have been a lot easier if there were the all-for-one type of spare tire bag, but life is rarely that simple, don’t you think? However, all of us are different, and each driver may use the bag for a separate purpose. If you are looking for rubbish storage to get rid of empty food cans and various sorts of wrappers – you don’t need to go to a 50lb sized bag. A smaller one would suffice your needs perfectly.

Yet, if you are as dedicated an off-roader as I am, then you may want to store some gear in the bag too. That is when the size matter. Consider everything you will possibly require during the journey and pick the size that corresponds with your needs and preferences.

Tires Fitment

spare tire storage bag straps

There is a reason we call the accessory a spare tire trash bag. It is mounted nowhere else but on the spare tire. As you may already know, not all tires come in the same size. So, before you decide to look for spare tire trash back, you need to figure out if it will fit on your tire. Luckily, most modern aftermarket spare tire trash bags come in a grand variety of sizes to fit all possible tires.


As useful and simple as the accessory may seem, there are additional features that the items may be spiced with. Depending upon your primary needs and intentions, you can choose the option that has all the characteristic added to the scene or features some of them that you deem the worthiest.

Water-resistance – rainy weather and excessive exposure to muddy substances can ruin the gear that you carry around. Besides, the trash you may have stored in the bag will decompose faster when exposed to water. Thus, paying attention to whether the bag can resist moisture exposure should be on your list of preferences.

Interior coating – one large pocket is great, but a few of those may come of even more extensive use. Depending upon the sort of things that are you are about to carry around, you may want to consider the interior layout as well. Some items come with removable PVC lining adorned with Velcro, which is more than practical.

trash bag pvc liner coating

Drainage holes – even the best water-resistant material may give in to the pressure of mother Nature. Thus, it is essential that once the water gets into the bag, it does not stay there and generate rust and mildew but gets out. Thus, some trash bags come with drainage holes, and you should brood upon the necessity of the function too.

spare tire junk bag drainage holes


The price range of spare tire bags differs significantly. However, anything that comes below the $30 range should be put into doubt. A reliable-quality items start at $30 and go all the way up to $80, and even higher. You should keep in mind that the size, material, and additional features have a direct impact on the cost of the spare tire trash bag.


What is a spare tire trash bag?

A spare tire trash bag is a specialized bag designed to fit around the spare tire on the back of your Jeep. It provides a convenient and compact way to store and dispose of trash while on the go.

Why not just use a plastic trash bag?

Whatever you take with you on the trail needs to be able to handle a little abuse. Plastic trash bags rip easily, flop around, and the drawstrings can get all twisted up, making it difficult to open the bag.

The Jeep Trail Bag is constructed with Heavy-duty Denier Poly, designed to handle whatever nature throws at it. It’s durable enough to scrape on rocks, tree branches, and other obstacles without ripping a hole in the bag.

What can you use a spare tire trash bag for?

It’s useful for more than just garbage. Use it for camping, hunting, fishing, storing muddy or wet gear, trail cleanup days, and even keeping the dirty diaper smell out of your Jeep. Whatever you don’t want inside your rig, throw it in the trail bag.

How does a spare tire trash bag work?

A spare tire trash bag for Jeep typically features a durable, waterproof material with an adjustable strap or bungee cord that securely attaches it to the spare tire. The bag usually has a zippered opening or a flap for easy access to the trash compartment.

Why should I use a spare tire trash bag?

Using a spare tire trash bag helps keep your Jeep clean and organized. It prevents trash from accumulating inside the car or littering the environment. It’s especially useful during road trips, camping, or outdoor activities where disposing of trash can be challenging.

Can I use any spare tire trash bag on my Jeep Wrangler?

While many spare tire trash bags are designed to be universal and fit a range of tire sizes, it’s essential to check the compatibility of the bag with your specific spare tire size. Some bags may have adjustable straps or bungee cords to accommodate different tire sizes.

Are spare tire trash bags durable?

Yes, spare tire trash bags are typically made from durable materials such as heavy-duty nylon or polyester. They are designed to withstand outdoor conditions, including exposure to sunlight, rain, and dust.

Can spare tire trash bags hold liquids or wet items?

Most spare tire trash bags for off-road are designed to handle dry trash items such as food wrappers, tissues, and other lightweight garbage. They may not be fully waterproof or suitable for containing liquids or wet waste.

How do I clean a spare tire trash bag?

Cleaning methods may vary depending on the specific bag. However, many spare tire trash bags can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or sponge. Some bags are machine washable, but always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for proper cleaning guidelines.

Can I use a spare tire trash bag for other purposes?

While spare tire trash bags are primarily designed for trash disposal, they can be versatile. Some people use them to store small items like emergency supplies, tools, or outdoor gear. However, keep in mind that the bag’s primary function is to hold trash, and using it for other purposes may affect its integrity and effectiveness.

Are spare tire trash bags easy to install?

Yes, spare tire trash bags are typically designed for easy installation. They often come with adjustable straps or bungee cords that allow for quick attachment and removal. Most bags require no additional tools for installation.

Where can I purchase spare tire trash bags?

Spare tire trash bags are available at automotive accessory stores, online retailers, and websites specializing in camping or outdoor gear. Check with local retailers or search online for a wide selection of options.

Please note that specific features and details may vary among different spare tire trash bags. It’s always recommended to read product descriptions, customer reviews, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the bag you choose to purchase.


The trail spare tire bags that were reviewed is just what you need to carry your extra gear, camping equipment, parts, trash, and just about anything else you want to bring along “just in case.”

No space left in your rig? Don’t want things rattling around on the floorboards? Sick of smelling trash? No problem. Just throw it in the trail bag on the outside of your rig. This bag is plenty big enough for trash and equipment. Plus, it’s waterproof to protect your gear and keep trash from leaking.


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