The Must-Have Jeep Cherokee XJ Lift Kits for Thrill Seekers: Conquer Any Terrain!

Best Lift Kit for Jeep Cherokee

A Jeep Cherokee lift kit is possibly the most coveted aftermarket accessory amongst Jeepers. Young or old, male or female no one seems to be able to resist the lure of the lift kit. If the hankering for a Cherokee lift kit seems like an unnecessary indulgence then that is not necessarily true. Indeed there are many benefits to installing the best lift kit on your Jeep Cherokee.

Best Lift Kit for Jeep Cherokee XJ

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Rough Country Lift Kit for Jeep Cherokee XJ Series I Suspension

Rough Country 3inch Lift Kit for Jeep Cherokee XJ (Add a Leaf Suspension System)

Rough Country Lift Kit for Jeep Cherokee XJ Series II Suspension

Rough Country Lift Kit for Jeep Cherokee XJ (Add Leaf Series II Suspension)

Supreme Suspensions Lift Kit for Jeep Cherokee XJ

Supreme Suspensions Lift Kit for Jeep Cherokee XJ

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  • Lift Height: 3″ Front + 1.5-2″ Rear
  • Suits Models:
    1984-2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ

Benefits of Installing a Jeep Cherokee Lift Kit

  • First, a Jeep lift kit simply looks great. It gives the rig a big, beefy look that says, ‘don’t mess with me!’ Of course, just riding around in a Jeep sends that message already. But a rig with a Jeep lift kit on it goes one step beyond the best. It is the thing of envy not only amongst commoners but jeepers as well.
  • Second, a Jeep Cherokee lift kit allows you to add bigger tires to your rig if need be. Generally, jeepers who do a lot of off-roading like to go for bigger tires if and when they can afford it. The bigger the tire the safer and better the rig for off-roading. So it follows naturally that a lift kit is extremely popular with off-roaders.
  • Third, a Cherokee lift kit increases the ground clearance of the vehicle. Obviously, since the vehicle is raised a few more inches off the ground you get better ground clearance. While this may not seem like such a great benefit on the highway or on paved roads, it is a boon when off-roading. Indeed, increased ground clearance can mean the difference between successfully navigating the Rubicon Trail and getting stuck and waiting for someone to pull you out!
  • Fourth, a Cherokee lift kit considerably reduces the bumps felt by the passengers on a particularly difficult stretch when off-roading. It can help to reduce the aches and pains on a long ride or a three to four-day trail run.

Some Jeepers show concern that lift kits can reduce the comfort of the ride on-road. This can be a major concern for jeepers who use their rigs regularly for in-city driving as well. This is essentially true for poor-quality lift kits. Lift kits from manufacturers like Rancho and Skyjacker have not been found to have any complaints.

Thus, there are many benefits to installing a Jeep Cherokee lift kit. However, make sure you buy a good-quality lift kit. While Skyjacker is a brand name that continually pops up in discussions about the Jeep Cherokee lift kit, Tomken and the Rubicon Express are two more brands that farewell.


What is a lift kit?

A lift kit is a suspension modification that raises the height of a vehicle. It typically consists of components such as taller coil springs, longer shock absorbers, and other accessories to provide additional ground clearance and accommodate larger tires.

Why should I consider installing a lift kit on my Jeep Cherokee XJ?

Installing a lift kit on your Jeep Cherokee XJ can provide several benefits. It allows for increased ground clearance, making it easier to tackle off-road obstacles. It also allows you to fit larger tires, which can improve traction and overall performance in challenging terrains.

Which lift kit is considered the best for the Jeep Cherokee XJ?

While opinions may vary, some popular lift kit brands for the Jeep Cherokee XJ include Rubicon Express, Old Man Emu, Rough Country, and TeraFlex. It’s important to consider factors such as your specific requirements, budget, and the intended use of your vehicle when selecting the best lift kit for your needs.

How much lift should I choose for my Jeep Cherokee XJ?

The amount of lift you choose depends on your personal preference, as well as your vehicle’s capabilities and intended use. Common lift heights for the Jeep Cherokee XJ range from 2 inches to 4.5 inches. It’s essential to strike a balance between increased ground clearance and maintaining proper drivability and stability.

Will installing a lift kit affect the ride quality of my Jeep Cherokee XJ?

Yes, installing a lift kit can impact the ride quality of your vehicle. The addition of taller springs and longer shocks can result in a stiffer and less comfortable ride compared to the stock suspension. However, choosing a quality lift kit from a reputable brand can help minimize these effects and provide a smoother off-road experience.

Can I install a lift kit on my Jeep Cherokee XJ myself, or should I seek professional help?

While some experienced automotive enthusiasts may be able to install a lift kit on their own, it is generally recommended to seek professional help for proper installation. Lift kits involve complex suspension modifications and require specialized knowledge and tools. A professional installer can ensure the lift kit is installed correctly and optimize the suspension’s performance.

Will installing a lift kit affect my Jeep Cherokee XJ’s warranty?

Installing a lift kit may void or affect certain aspects of your vehicle’s warranty. It’s crucial to consult your vehicle’s manufacturer and review your warranty terms before making any modifications. Some lift kit manufacturers may offer warranties specific to their products, providing additional peace of mind.

Are there any additional modifications required when installing a lift kit on a Jeep Cherokee XJ?

Depending on the lift height and the specific lift kit you choose, additional modifications may be necessary. These can include extended brake lines, adjustable control arms, track bar relocation brackets, and other components to ensure proper alignment and suspension geometry. It’s recommended to consult with a professional or refer to the lift kit manufacturer’s guidelines for specific requirements.

Please note that it’s always important to research and consult with professionals or experienced enthusiasts when considering any modifications to your vehicle.

The EndLine

Whichever brand you do decide to buy just ensure that their customer service is excellent. Contact them via email and phone to buy the Jeep lift kit and measure their response. Once you have found the company and the Jeep Cherokee lift kit of your choice get ready to have lots of fun!

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