Must-have Performance Parts for Off-roaders

Must-have Performance Parts for off-roaders

Must-have performance parts ensure that your vehicle is always in top running order. Whether you are a serious off-roader or just like to go for fun camping trips, you demand the best from your Jeep or truck.

There are many companies that provide factory designed, race-proven performance parts to meet the needs of even the most discriminating performance enthusiast.

Here are some performance parts you should consider buying.

Cold Air Intake System

cold air intake system

An improved air filter is the best thing you can do for your vehicle. These performance parts are essential for optimum performance. When buying air filters look for ultra-strong molded rubber flanges, which not only absorb vibration but also allow for secure attachment. You can also shop around for universal air filters, which will be suited for a wide variety of applications. Adding these performance parts will improve airflow and help to keep out dust when on the trail.

Throttle Body Spacer

Throttle Body Spacer

An interesting theory from some experienced off-roaders is that using these performance parts will help keep your rig cool during the trail ride. Eliminating the thermal clutch on the fan and using a spacer instead makes more power. The idea of the fan clutch is to create better fuel economy at high speeds on highways. However, the slow speeds associated with trail riding, creates extra heat, which robs power. So the spacers are better performance parts for trail riding.

Performance exhaust

Cat back Exhaust System

These performance parts will give your vehicle more power and more torque. It will also result in quicker response and can reduce the noise in the cab from regular exhaust systems.

A combo ignition system

spark plug wire set

Some performance parts work best in combination only. You can try hopping us the factory-installed spark on your rig with a new ignition system. The ignition wires, coil and mileage control box spark the fuel coming from the two barrel. Along with a fuel regulator for hill climbs and altitude changes, you can expect almost 50 percent improvement from the stock.

These are just some of the performance parts you can consider for your rig. With all the varying combinations and permutations possible on vehicles, you have to work with trial and error till you find the best possible combination of performance parts for your rig.

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