How to Shop for Waterproof UTV Covers

How to Shop for Waterproof UTV Covers

Waterproof UTV covers are essential for keeping your all-terrain vehicle safe from the harsh elements. Leaving your UTV unprotected from bad weather will likely lead to cosmetic and mechanical damage prematurely. It can also decrease the value since buyers are more likely to be attracted to UTVs that have been covered when not in use. The UTV cover you select should be waterproof in order to keep any moisture from seeping into the electrical components of the vehicle.

Use of the Waterproof UTV Cover

Waterproof UTV Cover

Your first consideration will be how you plan to use the waterproof UTV cover. If your UTV is kept in a shed or garage, you may not need a heavyweight cover. Instead, an UTV cover constructed from nylon can be utilized since the cover will not be consistently exposed to extreme heat or heavy rain. If you need your quad protected from rain, a vinyl cover is a more appropriate choice.

Also, manufacturers have released lines of UTV covers specially treated to protect against moisture. For instance, the DuraShield Universal UTV Cover is constructed from heavy-duty poly with a Water-Tec coating to repel water from the surface of the material. Although it’s important for an UTV cover to be water-resistant, it should also have a ventilating system in place. Proper ventilation ensures moisture does not build up while the quad is covered and causes any long-term damage.

Sizing Waterproof UTV Covers

utv cover size

You need to cross-reference your UTV model with the waterproof cover you decide on. Many manufacturers release universal fit covers to accommodate as many of their customers as possible. However, you must still measure your UTV prior to purchase to confirm if the cover will fit your quad properly or not. Keep in mind that even if the manufacturer lists your UTV as a supported model, any extra accessories you’ve added or modifications made to the vehicle could affect the fit.

For instance, an UTV windshield may force you to order a larger size cover than suggested by the manufacturer. A snug fit will optimize protection. Polaris UTV Covers with elastic sewn into the hem can help keep the cover secured on the all terrain vehicle.

Waterproof UTV covers are an inexpensive way to increase the longevity of your quad. A durable cover that fits properly will likely last the lifetime of your vehicle.

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