How to Protect Your Jeep’s Body While Off-roading

How to Secure Your Jeep's Body While Off-roading

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The first time you encounter Jeep in its natural habitat – difficult off-roads – it seems that there isn’t any other vehicle that would match its power and durability. However, no matter how tough the stock Jeeps are, the aftermarket is growing by the day, and there is a list of significant reasons for that. The truth is that aftermarket accessories are designed to make your vehicle almost unstoppable under the worst conditions there can be. At the same time, a list of reputable vendors offer accessories that affect Jeep’s security as well as potency.

It is very easy to underestimate the destructive power of off-road trails, especially when it comes to the vehicle’s body. That is why the most experienced off-roaders choose to invest into quality rock sliders. The variety of rock sliders is great, especially these days. They come in different types and carry out various additional functions depending on the type. Surely, the cost differs too. Today we are going to center our attention on the options that the aftermarket provides. So, you can compare them and pick the kind that suits your needs and preferences best.

  1. Classic Rock Sliders

    Best Rock Sliders fo jeep Wrangler JLClassy rock sliders are designed to serve two main functions – to protect the undercarriage from all sorts of off-road hazards, such as brushes, rocks, and so on, as well as to serve as a side step. Usually, they come in two types – aluminum and steel. It goes without saying that steel sliders are a lot more durable than aluminum ones, but they may cost more, depending upon the vendor you choose. As for the installation, this type of rock slider is simple to install. The setup is fast and effortless. You bold the sliders under your vehicle and are ready to roll. The designs vary depending on the brand, but mostly they are steel tubes protecting your Jeep’s sides.

  2. Side Steps Aka Rock Sliders

    Side Steps and Rock Sliders for jeep gladiatorWhen you decide to kill two birds with one stone, you certainly need to pay a lot of attention to the side steps, which serve as rock sliders. The design is relatively the same as in the case of classic rock sliders, but the placement is horizontal since the primary purpose is assistance in getting into the vehicle rather than the side body protection.

    Side steps for Jeep Wrangler JL are basically irreplaceable when you install larger tires for serious off-roading. When the vehicle is too tall, it may difficult to climb in as well as out, and that is the purpose that this type of rock sliders primarily serves.

    It should be added that in their majority, side steps are simple to install without any necessary drilling involved. The cost depends upon the vendor, but for the most part, the accessory belongs to the category of affordable aftermarket mods.

  3. Power Running Boards Aka Rock Sliders

    Power running boards for jeepTechnology does not stand still, and its rapid development has reached the Jeep aftermarket industry as well. If you are looking for something ultra-innovative that is as handy as it is modern, then the Best Power Running Boards for Jeep Gladiator is the item to brood upon. It does not take a genius to guess that this type of rock slider is not that simple to install due to the fact that the board is power-driven. However, if you follow the instruction provided by the brand, it is manageable after all.

    The main idea behind creating such a board is that it gets out when you open the door and hides away when you close it. Such a mechanism ensures that the process of getting in and out is twice as easy. Besides a variety of boards come with LED lights integrated so that you see clearly where you step no matter the time of the day or weather conditions. This type of rock sliders is designed to protect the underside of the vehicle for the most part. However, it is created to be as lightweight as possible so that it does not interfere with the Vehicle’s Clearance or loading capacity. As to the accessory’s loading capacity, it can go up to 600 pounds depending upon the vendor. Power boards are handy and modern exterior alterations that usually come at a high cost.

  4. Side Steps Rock Sliders with Rock Skins

    Side Steps, Rock Sliders with Rock Skins for Jeep

    Another type of rock sliders is the sliders with rock skins. This kind of slider is both a side step and a body protector. This is the case when both functions are equally well-thought of. The thing is that while the design reminds of both classy rock sliders as well as side steps, it is not centred on one more than another.

    The rock skin is the piece of material that serves as side armor so that the vehicle’s body is not damaged when on the off-road trail. The side step design varies depending upon the brand, but usually, it is a mixture of steel or high-quality aluminium tubes and integrated side step plates. Such rock sliders are not as expensive as power-running boards, but a couple of hundred US dollars are to be invested if you are looking for a durable and reliable piece.

  5. Rock Skins

    Rock Skins for JeepIt has already been mentioned that there is a distinct type of rock sliders, rock sliders with rock skins. So, it is necessary to define what rock skins stand for. These are special body armors installed on each side of the vehicle to protect the panels from all sorts of dents, scratches, and nicks. Apart from that, such skins are designed to Prevent Corrosion as well. in the majority of cases, rock skins are made of steel and require a fair share of drilling to be installed. Prices vary depending on the vendor.

  6. Skid Plates

    Skid platesIt may seem that with all the mentioned above protective parts, you need nothing else to ensure the safety of your Jeep. However, the assumption would be a misleading one since there’s still the underbody of your vehicle to secure. Very often, when you are out there off-roading, rocks, debris, and dirt may damage the essential parts of the vehicle.

    It may seem that with all the mentioned above protective parts, you need nothing else to ensure the safety of your Jeep. However, the assumption would be a misleading one since there’s still the underbody of your vehicle to secure. Very often, when you are out there off-roading, rocks, debris, and dirt may damage the essential parts of the vehicle.

    These days, there are different types of skids presented on the market. You can choose the Best Skid Plate for Your Jeep from the following:

    • Skid plates for gas tank;
    • Skid plates for transfer case;
    • Differential skid plates;
    • Skid plates for transmission and engine.

    These are just to name a few. To ensure you fully understand what the accessory actually is – it’s a protective part over the chosen part of your vehicle. Very often, the plates serve the stylizing purpose too.

  7. Differential Covers

    jeep differential coverYou will be surprised how susceptible to damage your Differentials are when you are taking the Jeep off-roading. The thing is, stock covers can protect them only to a point, over time, they bend and peel off, leaving the essential part almost naked. A quality set of Differential Covers is one of the most sensible investments to make.



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