How to Clean an UTV Cover

How to Clean an ATV Cover

In order for your UTV cover or ATV cover to provide the best protection, it needs to be cleaned every so often. When you clean your UTV Cab Cover, however, you need to be careful not to remove the Water-Tec coating (on ProMark covers) or other special coatings applied by the manufacturer.

Special Precautions

To protect the coating, which in turn protects your ATV, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning the cover. The following instructions apply specifically to ProMark ATV covers, but they also provide general instructions for cleaning most ATV covers on the market.

If the Water-Tec coating (or other special coating) does get damaged, or if it starts to wear off after years of use or exposure to harsh climates, you will need to either replace the cover or re-apply a water-resistant or waterproof coating.

Washing the UTV Cover

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Because of the special coatings on your UTV cover, we recommend hand washing the cover for the gentlest cleaning. Use a soft brush and plain, lukewarm water to clean the cover. If you don’t want to hand wash the cover, you can compromise by cleaning the cover in the washing machine with COLD water, NO SOAP, and on the DELICATE cycle. The use of soap or detergent may remove the protective coatings on the cover and may even void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Drying the UTV Cover

After the ATV cover is washed, we recommend letting it air dry. Your other option is to machine dry the cover on a delicate or air only setting. Remove the cover as soon as it is dry. Make sure the cover is completely dry before folding it for storage.

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Frequency of Cleaning

How often should you clean your ATV cover? That all depends on the climate you live in and how much the cover will be exposed to the elements. Wash the cover as often as it needs to be washed. The longer you go without washing a dirty cover, the less protection the cover will offer as the material becomes clogged with dirt and other particles.

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