Jeep Engine Stalls While Driving

Engine Stalls While Driving

Q: Engine stalls while driving

A: If your engine stalls while driving and your Jeep have fuel injection, here are some of the possible causes.

We will take a look at two possibilities.

1. If your engine stalls while idling, it could be caused by a bad idle air bypass valve, a bad cold start valve, or a bad fuel pressure regulator.

Will the engine stay running if you lightly step on the gas pedal?

– If the answer is yes, then you likely have a faulty idle air bypass valve.
– If the answer is no, Then answer the following question.

Does the stalling only occur when the engine is cold?

– If the answer is yes, then you could have a problem with the cold start valve.
– If it’s no, then you probably have a faulty fuel pressure regulator.

2. Now, if your engine stalls while driving, this could be caused by a vapor lock.

This usually only happens when the engine gets abnormally hot. Vapor lock happens when gas boils before it gets into the engine. You would have to let the engine cool down for 15 – 20 minutes before you could restart it. If this were the case, you would have to find why your Jeep is overheating.

Check your cooling system for any problems, including your thermostat. If the problem doesn’t happen when the engine is abnormally hot, you probably have a faulty fuel pressure regulator.

To fix any of these problems, you could either have a mechanic fix it for you, or you could pick up the Best Jeep Repair Manual and do the work yourself, or maybe even have a friend that is good at working on engines help you out. 😉

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