Tips On Electrical Troubleshooting

Tips On Electrical Troubleshooting

jeep wiring diagramIf there is one thing Jeepers detest it has to be electrical troubleshooting. They would much rather do the Rubicon Trail – alone! However, troubleshooting doesn’t have to be so difficult. Troubleshooting is a scientific process that requires a methodological approach. Once you know what to do and take a step by step attitude towards doing it, troubleshooting can be a piece of cake.

Using troubleshooting manuals:

  • Get yourself an electrical troubleshooting manual. This is not a trial and error kind of problem. Neither is it a Eureka! moment. The only way to go about troubleshooting is to follow instructions.
  • Electrical troubleshooting manuals have wonderful diagnostic trees that follow a logical flow. The troubleshooting manuals are created in an easy to comprehend and use manner. A good wiring diagram allows you to troubleshoot any electrical problem.
  • Getting a Troubleshooting Manual for Your Jeep is the first step to effective electrical troubleshooting. Also, you need to ensure that the troubleshooting manual shows the schematic and the wiring diagram.

Electrical troubleshooting tools:

You also need to buy some tools to ensure effective troubleshooting.

  • A 12-volt test is required to check if the circuit has the power or not. When hooked up in reverse you can use it to check if a ground circuit is good or not.
  • A VOM or Volt Ohm Meter is required to perform specific voltage and resistance tests during troubleshooting.
  • A multimeter is another tool that you will need to help you actually see the problem.

Electrical troubleshooting tips:

  • All electricity flows in a closed-loop. In the Jeep, almost everything has a single wire going into it or what is known as an ‘open loop’. The ground or the Jeep’s body and frame form the second wire and close all loops.
  • Half the battle during troubleshooting is won once you figure out where to start. Diagnosing the problem is the tough part. Fixing it is easy. So make sure you diagnose the problem correctly.
  • With a little bit of patience learning, electrical troubleshooting can actually be fairly easy.

My personal recommendation for electrical troubleshooting is All is easy to use and contains all of the original manufacture’s repair, diagnostic and repair procedures. Easy to use navigation and search tools allow you to quickly get to the info you need to do the job. Hyperlinks insure that you can get related info at the push of a button. To check out All!

Not only do they have all of the electrical troubleshooting help you will ever need, but you will also be able to access diagrams for just about every system on your Jeep.

You can access things like:

  • All the latest recall and technical service bulletins for your rig
  • Illustrated diagnosis and repair procedures
  • Diagnostic charts and trouble codes
  • Component locations and diagrams
  • factory maintenance schedules
  • And much much more

It’s like having your very own Jeep mechanic that you can call on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I personally use All for my Jeep Wrangler.

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