Choosing the Best Helmet for UTV and ATV Riding – Buyers Guide

best helmet for utv atv

No matter the thrills of a journey, your safety on the road is of vital importance too. There is rarely a state that allows driving around in a UTV/ATV without a helmet on. While a quality helmet can save your life, more often it protects the driver from the weather whims. The truth is that a reliable helmet should deal with both tasks equally well. Considering that, today we are going to discuss the Best Helmet for UTV /ATV so that your rides get safer and your looks get even more stylish!

Best Safety Helmet for ATV and UTV Riding

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O’Neal UTV, ATV Helmet for Trail Riding

O'Neal UTV, ATV helmet for atv helmet for adults

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  • DOT Certified: Yes
  • Fitment: Adults
  • Colors: Black, White, Black/White

Westt Helmet for UTV, ATV

Westt Helmet Dual Visor for Adults on ATV UTV

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  • DOT Approved: Yes
  • Fitment: Adults
  • Colors: Matt Black

1Storm Safety ATV UTV Helmet

1Storm helmet for youth atv

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  • DOT Certified: Yes
  • Fitment: Youth, Kids
  • Colors: Vast Variety

ILM ATV Off-Road Helmet

ILM Adult Youth Kids ATV Off-Road Helmet

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  • DOT Approved: Yes
  • Fitment: Adults, Youth, Kids
  • Colors:
    Matte Black, Blue/Black, Red/Black

Buyer’s Guide – Key Factors for Choosing the Best Helmet for ATV, UTV Riding

There’s nothing like the bad-to-the-bone feeling of blazing through an open field on your all-terrain vehicle (ATV). While you’re experiencing the rush of freedom, remember to wear your helmet, your most important ATV accessory to protect your head from impacts. Helmets are available in different sizes and quality levels. Choosing the right one will improve your chance of avoiding brain trauma and staying alive if you fall.

Second-hand is no good

Saving a few dollars is not worth the risk of cracking your skull if you fall off your ATV, so skip the garage sell when you’re looking for protective headgear. You don’t know what type of damage a used helmet has been through. Wear and tear and impacts from accidents can compromise a helmet’s integrity and reduce the amount of protection it offers.

Proper fit matters

To ensure the best protection, buy a helmet that fits your head snuggly when you put it on. If the helmet is too tight, it will be uncomfortable and cause a terrible headache. If the protective device is too loose, it may fly off your head in an accident, leaving you vulnerable to life-altering head injuries.

DOT safety isn’t optional

The Department of Transportation (DOT) sets safety guidelines for helmets. If the helmet doesn’t have the sticker that suggests it meets DOT safety standards, don’t waste your money on it. It’s pointless to purchase something that won’t provide any real protection if you crash.

Don’t be a cheapskate

In the case of UTV helmets, the old adage, “You get what you pay for” holds true. Cheaper helmets may lack reinforcement material that can offer extra protection in an accident. Don’t pluck a helmet off the shelf just because it’s cheap. Instead, make your choice based on quality.

Final Words

Riding on an ATV can give you a rush like nobody’s business. To keep your thrill-rides from turning into tragedy, invest in a new, DOT approved safety helmet to protect your skull from impacts.

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