5 Best Gun Racks for UTV Hunting Experience

Best Gun Rack for UTV

Taking your fav UTV out for a hunt every now and then is what many vehicle owners do. There is little that can compare with the thrill of chase and victory. However, as you care about the safety of your ride, you should ensure that your gun does not get lost when you need it most, let alone allow it to go off when you don’t need it. That is where the Best Gun Rack for UTV comes of immense use. As simple as the accessory is, it comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and price ranges. Yet, what is more important, different gun racks are designed for different weapon types. Some are more universal than the rest, while others are more model-specific. I have gathered the most reliable and trending options in one review so that you can prepare for the next hunt in a matter of a few minutes and a couple of clicks!

Best Gun Rack for UTV

Product Short Description
Expert’s Choice

Kolpin UTV Gun Rack

Kolpin URV Gun Rack

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  • Best Features:
    • Vertically-mounted model
    • Secure item design
    • Affordable price range
  • Q-ty of Guns: 2
  • Mounting Location: Floor
  • Locking: No

Big Sky SBR-2G Overhead Gun Rack for UTV

Big Sky SBR-2G Overhead Gun Rack

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  • Best Features:
    • Effortless storage
    • Secure transportation
    • Ceiling-mount model
  • Q-ty of Guns: 2
  • Mounting Location: Overhead
  • Locking: No

Great Day Quick-Draw UTV Gun Rack

Great Day Quick-Draw Sporting Clays UTV Gun Rack

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  • Best Features:
    • Advanced gun protection
    • User-friendly installation
    • Heavy-duty construction
  • Q-ty of Guns: 4
  • Mounting Location:UTV Bed
  • Locking: No

QuadGear Black UTV Double Gun Carrier

QuadGear Black UTV Double Gun Carrier

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  • Best Features:
    • Roll-cage mount
    • Extra-gear pockets
    • Weather-resistant material
  • Q-ty of Guns: 2
  • Mounting Location: Behind the cab
  • Locking: No


What is a UTV gun rack?

A UTV gun rack is a device designed to securely hold firearms while riding in a Utility Task Vehicle (UTV). It ensures that guns are safely stored and easily accessible during off-road adventures.

Why do I need a gun rack for my UTV?

A gun rack provides a safe and organized way to transport firearms in your UTV. It keeps them securely in place, preventing damage to the guns and ensuring they are readily accessible when needed.

Can I use any gun rack for my UTV?

Not all gun racks are suitable for UTVs. It’s important to choose a gun rack specifically designed for UTVs to ensure proper fitment and secure attachment. UTV gun racks are built to withstand the rigors of off-road travel, offering durability and stability.

What should I consider when choosing a UTV gun rack?

When selecting a gun rack for your UTV, consider factors such as:

Compatibility: Ensure the rack is designed to fit your UTV model and has the necessary mounting options.
Gun capacity: Determine the number of guns you plan to transport and choose a rack that accommodates your needs.
Security: Look for a rack that provides secure firearm retention, protecting them from bumps and jolts.
Material and durability: Opt for racks made from sturdy materials that can withstand rough terrain and weather conditions.
Ease of installation: Consider racks that are easy to install and remove when needed.

How do I install a UTV gun rack?

Installation methods can vary depending on the specific gun rack model. Typically, UTV gun racks attach to roll cages or other designated mounting points using adjustable straps, clamps, or bolts. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation.

Are UTV gun racks secure?

Yes, UTV gun racks are designed to securely hold firearms during off-road travel. They typically feature adjustable retention systems, straps, or clamps to keep guns in place and minimize movement. However, it’s important to regularly inspect the rack’s fasteners and connections to ensure they remain secure.

Can I use a UTV gun rack for other equipment?

While UTV gun racks are primarily designed for firearms, they can often be adapted to transport other items such as bows, fishing rods, tools, or camping gear. Some racks offer versatile mounting options or accessories to accommodate different equipment.

Are UTV gun racks legal?

The legality of using UTV gun racks depends on the jurisdiction and local regulations. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with the laws concerning firearm transportation in your area. Additionally, ensure that your firearms are always securely stored, following all applicable legal requirements.

How should I maintain my UTV gun rack?

To maintain your UTV gun rack, regularly inspect all components for signs of wear or damage. Clean the rack as necessary, especially if exposed to dirt, mud, or other debris. Lubricate moving parts as recommended by the manufacturer to ensure smooth operation.

Can I use a UTV gun rack with other off-road vehicles?

While UTV gun racks are specifically designed for UTVs, some models may be compatible with other off-road vehicles like ATVs or side-by-sides. Check the rack’s specifications or consult with the manufacturer to determine if it can be safely used with other vehicles.

Please note that it’s crucial to review the specific product details, user manual, and adhere to all local laws and regulations regarding firearm transportation to ensure safe and legal use of a gun rack for your UTV.


Keeping your weapon within reach is vital when on the hunt. However, you can’t afford to drive the offroading terrains with a gun in your lap. That is why you need the Best Gun Rack for UTV to serve you when required and ensure your on-road safety. The variety of options offered on the aftermarket is wide and versatile. Yet, you deserve the worthiest variants to make use of, and that is what this guide serves for!

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