Unload Cargo From Your Pickup Truck Effortlessly: 3 Easy Ways

how to unload a pickup truck

Transportation with a pickup truck is the blessing of the modern world. Dirt, sand, construction materials, garbage – anything you need can be easily transported with its help. However, when it comes to truck bed unloading, things can get a little more annoying that you would like to admit.


If you are dealing with such issues, rarely you may seek a pair of helping hands to unload the cargo. However, dealing with the situation on a regular basis requires more drastic measures, and I may know how to assist you!

How To Unload Cargo From Your Pickup With Ease?

pickup truck cargo unloader Whether you are changing apartments, building a house or trying to get rid of all the dirt accumulated in the backyard, a heavy-load truck is irreplaceable. It is equally time and effort consuming to both load and unload the vehicle, though. So, a variety of brands have come up with specific tools and accessories that can make the job twice as easy.

There are three main methods to be aware of. When you acquire either of the mentioned accessories, you will relieve a lot of tension in your back and hands.

  1. Dumping Tools

One of the most popular dumping tools would be the truck bed unloader. If you want to know what is the best truck bed cargo unloader, many drivers say that LoadHandler fits the description. With such a handy tool, you can get rid of the cargo within less than half a minute.

The tool is utterly easy to install and requires no drilling or any other fitment manipulations. To put it simply, it is a type of fabric sheet rolled by a handle. All you need to do to use it is turning the handlebar and dispose of all the cargo in the bed.

Aside from Loadhandler, there are other brands that offer similar dumping tools. Another popular option would be Harbor Freight. Both models are designed to lift loads between 2K and 2,5K pounds of cargo.

How do you unload cargo from a truck bed with the help of a bed unloader?

First things first, you need to spread the fabric all over the bed. After that, you need to move the tailgate down. The final step is to roll the crank on the cargo unloader and unload it.

  1. Roll Tarp Kit

Dump truck roll tarp kit is yet one more resource to refer to when you are in need of a swift and professional cargo unloader. The tool is as easy to operate, let alone to install.

How to unload cargo from a pickup with the help of a roll tarp kit

To begin with, you need to put the tarp bar in the tarp catch hook. After that, you should cover the load with a tarp and fix the crank ratchet tightly. When it comes to unloading, all it takes is to remove the tarp by unloading the retched, then loosening it and finally freeing the bar from the catch hook.

3. The Most Affordable Way to Unload Cargo From a Pickup

There are times when you can’t afford investing in a separate unloading tool just yet.

There is another cost-effective way to do that too. Keep plywood under the cargo you transport. Add a chain or rope to the tailgate end. Drive to the destination where you need to unload the bed at. Tie the tailgate to a tree. Get in the truck and drive ahead. The cargo will glide off the trick bed. That is the cheapest way to unload a pickup truck known.

Final words

The everyday purpose of truck exploitation is transporting and unloading all sorts of cargo. While transportation is simple, unloading – no so much. So, as an experienced truck driver, you need to know all possible ways of dealing with the issue effectively. Now, you know three main routes to take to ease the unloading routine. It’s up to you which one to follow!

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