Winter Offroad Driving and Recovery

Winter Offroad Driving and Recovery

Now is the time to get ready for winter offroading!

Get Traction with ATV Tire Chains

Driving offroad on snow and ice is different from driving trails during the warmer months. It’s not always easy to gauge how deep the snow is or what the terrain is like underneath the snow, which can hide large rocks, deep craters, and unstable terrain near the edge of a drop-off. It’s also tough to get enough traction on snow and ice.

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Do I Really Need Snow Tires on my ATV?

One way to keep your vehicle from getting stuck is to install snow tires. For added traction, toss a set of Snow Chains for ATV Tires in with your offroad gear. Even the best snow tires won’t give you enough traction in some situations.

atv snow tires

Benefits of a Winch in Winter

The more you wheel offroad in the winter, the more likely it is that you’ll need to use a winch to get you out, sooner or later. Owning a recovery winch in the winter is especially important for survival. Hypothermia can easily set in while waiting for another vehicle to rescue you or while trekking back to the trailhead to find help. Having the resources to recover your own vehicle—and your friends’ vehicles—could be a matter of survival.

WARN 101020 Winch with Handlebar

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