How To Choose the Best Shock Absorbers for Your Jeep

how to choose the best shock absorbers for Jeep

A smooth and secure ride is what every driver counts on when they invest in the reliable and potent vehicle that a Jeep is. However, it would help to realize that the millions of tiny bits working in sync make the whole mechanism work flawlessly. Should there be one part missing, the whole operation will be altered. The assumption is especially true when it comes to shock absorbers. No matter how good the stock variation is, a dedicated off-roader will always wonder about what shock absorbers are best for Jeep. Luckily for you – the range is close to being unlimited. Yet, it takes time and effort to pick the suitable option you may actually need. So, lets find out How To Choose the Best Shock Absorbers for Your Jeep in this detailed Buyer’s Guide!

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All the Jeep owners are indeed exceptional people. The minute you get the first Jeep, you want to make it last as long as possible. However, relying on factory settings and accessories is not always the best policy so that many drivers choose to modify their ride, and I think that it is a wise suggestion.

What are the Best Shock Absorbers for Jeep

The main goal of all the shock absorbers in existence is to dampen the impact of the road on your vehicle. Should you try driving around without shock absorbers intact, the vibrations will drive you mad and make the experience as miserable as possible, especially if you hit a bumpy road or off-road.
So, what type of shocks are best for Jeep? There isn’t a single answer to that. It takes a complex approach and evaluation to pick the fittest option for your personal case. Yet, the better you understand the difference between the shock absorbers available on the market at the moment, the easier it will be to finalize your decision.

Based on Type of Fluid

It may hit you as a surprise, but there’s a special type of fluid added to shock absorbers to make the accessory tick. Depending upon the type of the mentioned fluid, you can pick the best option to install.


Gas-run shocks use the fluid as a damper when it is put under pressure. Gas shocks are known to improve ride control when put to use.


This type of shocks is fueled by both gas and oil. The combined fluid type ensures that these shock absorbers are less susceptible to bottom part damage due to extreme loads exposure.


This type of shocks is fueled but oil. Under the effect of the piston, the oil will travel from one level to another, ensuring that the part works to the fullest.

Based on a Damper Mechanism and Construction

Aside from the difference in fluid, there are various mechanisms and constructions that modern shocks are represented as.

Single Tube (Monotube) Shock Absorbers

Often when you brood on which shock absorbers to buy single-tube option comes up. The fact is that monotube shocks are the standard version of the popular accessory. The shocks are run by gas. The peculiar design allows it to be installed in the position you find the fittest. Besides, these absorbers are known to cool down fast since the tube is open to the air.
When it comes to the downsides, you should know that the option is among the expensive variations. If that is okay with you, you have to bear in mind that monotube shocks aren’t fit for reparation.

Twin-Tube Shocks

One of the most widely required shock absorbers at the moment are twin-tube ones. The peculiar design, along with the hydraulic fluid, ensure that the ride is smooth and comfortable. Besides, the price range that these accessories are available at is more than affordable. On a slight downside, you should realize that the item may get overheated because of the piston act, and thus the wheel movement is often reduced. Things like that happen quite often when the vehicle is exposed to off-roading terrains.
Twin tube vs monotube shock absorbers for Jeep

Adjustable Shock Absorbers (Reservoir Shocks)

The main feature that makes adjustable shocks stand out is the fact that they offer a chance to pick the type of surface you are driving through. By design and functionality, they closely resemble two-pipe shocks but with additional reservoir added. There are different control knobs added to the shock absorbers so that you can pick either of the following settings:

  • Standard
  • Highway
  • Comfort
  • Sports

reservoir (Adjustable) Shock absorbers for Jeep
The most recent addition to the pool of shock absorbers is the one with the external reservoir. The reservoir ensures that the oil in it cools twice as fast when compared to stock shocks. Such an approach ensures that the accessory works to its fullest without overloading the vehicle’s performance and control. Yet, if you’re not driving a racing car, you may not need to invest in these shocks. Not only are they expensive, but also you won’t manage to reap all the benefits by driving on the highway or even off-roading.

Coilover Shock Absorbers

Coilover shock absorbers for Jeep
Finally, the coil-over shocks are known for their adjustability and spike in performance that they offer upon installation. Depending upon the ride’s height, you can lengthen or fold them due to the spring coil implemented into the design. The cost that the accessory comes at is relatively average.

Type of Ride

Depending upon the terrains you drive through, you can also consider a particular type of shocks. So, which shock absorbers are best for Jeep? Let’s have a closer look at the surface types that you come across regularly.


If you stick to regular terrains in the form of city streets and highways, you may want to center your attention on either oil or gas shocks.


In case you are seriously into off-roading and uneven terrains, then gas shock absorbers will come of the greatest use for you.


Those of you who like to combine the mentioned experiences and types of roads may want to consider hydraulic shocks in the first place.

Who Makes the Best Shock Absorbers for Jeep

The aftermarket is filled with all sorts of shock absorbers produced by different brands. Knowing what to expect from a certain brand, you can save yourself some time browsing through the options that are either too expensive or unreliable for you.


It belongs to the brands that present the shocks of the utmost quality. Yet, the price range is higher than average.


It is known to produce reliable and lasting accessories, yet the high price policy may be a downside to face.


If you are interested in average shocks’ quality that wouldn’t cost you a fortune, this is a brand to pay attention to.

Rubicon Express

Produces affordable shock absorbers, yet the quality of the accessories isn’t the highest on the market.


This is a cheap shock absorber producer, but the quality of their offers leaves much to be desired.


One of the crucial points to memorize when it comes to shock absorbers is that their lifespan is quite extensive. Thus, you won’t have to buy a new set every few months. That is why if you don’t want the accessory to let you down when you expect it least, it’s advised to consider reliable brands that offer great quality for a bit higher price.


When should shock absorbers be replaced?

Some brands indicate the number of 40-50K miles, after which it is advised to change the shocks. However, you should realize that the numbers are derived from the sole benefit of the manufacturer. You need to observe your vehicle to determine if the accessory should be replaced.

How do you check your Jeep for bad shocks?

These are the common indicators that may indicate that your shocks are bad:

  • Vehicle instability at high speeds
  • The vehicle is tipping to one side
  • The front dives when you hit the brakes
  • You notice shocks leaking
  • The tires wear out prematurely

Will new shock absorbers improve ride?

Yes, they will improve the ride. Not only will it become a lot softer and smoother, but also the braking will be better along with the cornering.

What Jeep shock absorbers give the smoothest ride?

The experts point out the main shock brands that give the smoothest performance, and they are the following:

  • TeraFlex
  • Rancho
  • Bilstein

Yet, you need to know your precise model to find the fittest among the mentioned manufacturers.

Is it safe to drive a Jeep with a broken shock absorber?

It isn’t safe to drive around with broken shocks since the vehicle will be a lot harder to control. Let alone the fact that your ride will be diving, bouncing around, and tipping to the side all the time.

Should I replace front and rear shocks at the same time?

It is possible to replace the shocks separately, yet the drop in performance will be noticeable. So, it is best to replace them in pairs and both rear and front ones at the same time.

The Final Wordss

Your Jeep is like a live organism. For it to operate to its fullest capacity, it needs to be attended to and treated when needed. The notion of shock absorbers is at times underrated by some drivers. Yet, vibration dampening isn’t the only benefit that well-chosen and properly installed shocks offer. There’s much more at stake, including the Jeep’s performance and control. This shock absorber guide has been compiled with the sole purpose of helping you understand the matter of shocks on a deeper level and picking the best option that suits your requirements.

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